All Day Program
(6:45 AM - 6:00 PM)

For millions of working parents, safe and trustworthy childcare is a top priority. That's where we come in. We offer flexible scheduling between 6:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. to meet your family's needs.

Montessori Pathways understands the need to balance work and family and our all day program is an affordable alternative to day care.

We offer a program for children, 3 to 6 years of age, which includes the Kindergarten year. Our school's strong reputation is based on our commitment to excellence. This commitment begins with the assurance that your child is safe, happy, learning and thriving. Montessori Pathways has a proud track record of investing in the minds and lives of children in our community.

Our All Day Program is the perfect mix of education and nurturing childcare:
  • Children experience the joy of living and learning
  • Parents experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing their child is growing and developing in an atmosphere of caring and respect
  • Our environments are attractive and enriching
  • The activities and materials invite the child to explore and learn
  • The adults are caring and supportive
  • Our large outdoor area invites nature study and exploration
Every moment of the day is prepared with the Montessori philosophy in mind: treating the children with respect, offering freedom of choice and fostering autonomy. We practice and encourage mannerly and gracious social habits. We know that children learn best by doing. Montessori is the active pursuit of many different experiences: physical, emotional, and cognitive. Every element of the day is in keeping with these principles.

Multi-age grouping in each classroom fosters a caring and cooperative environment. This important dimension focuses on the whole child within the setting of the social group. It allows each individual to grow in their social role and become a contributing member. Parents and teachers form a supportive community. This sense of community is the cornerstone of Montessori Pathways School.

06:45 - 08:30 Arrival; breakfast (if needed); general free play; table activities; story time
08:30 - 08:45 Clean up; bathroom
08:45 - 11:45 Morning work cycle
11:45 - 12:00 Bathroom; lunch preparation
12:00 - 12:30 Family style lunch
12:30 - 01:30 Outside time (weather permitting) or organized group activities
01:30 - 01:45 Bathroom; prepare for nap
01:45 - 03:15 Nap time
03:15 - 03:30 Bathroom; snack preparation
03:30 - 03:45 Snack
03:45 - 05:00 Art projects; afternoon work cycle; structured group play
05:00 - 06:00 Outside time (weather permitting) or story time; group activities; dismissal

*This schedule is meant to be a general schedule only; schedule is flexible