Dance Class

               Hello, my name is Brittany and I am pleased to teach a wide variety of dance styles at Montessori Pathways throughout the school year. I have been a dancer for over sixteen years as well as a dance teacher for over 9 years. I have danced with artists from the Milwaukee Ballet Company, Joffrey Ballet, Moscow Ballet Theatre and the Rocketts, as well as many other dancers from around the world.

               My goal is to keep the focus on the process of learning the many wonderful arts of the world, rather than the product. I want all of my students to truly enjoy what they are doing and to keep the focus on having fun while learning, getting exercise, and building their coordination and confidence level. My classes are personalized to fit all learning styles through using a variety of techniques.

               Classes include a warm up and stretch using a variety of yoga positions and activities accompanied by soft music. We will then proceed to barre and floor exercises to learn proper dance positions and technique. The class includes instruction on many dance styles such as classical and lyrical ballet along with jazz and creative movement. Native American dance and culture are a big part of our fall class curriculum (They will do a show in costumes they made themselves in November)! Creative movement is explored through dramatic play to awaken the imagination and many props are incorporated into the class to keep the children engaged in learning these wonderful dance styles.

               The dancers will perform three shows throughout the year. All shows will be on Saturday mornings to accommodate family members and friends! A fall, winter and spring dance will be choreographed and shown to family and friends. The children make many props to use in their dances and dress up for all their shows! The spring recital will be in coordinating costumes which will be further discussed at a later date.